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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

  • Continuous Beam FrameContinuous Beam Frame
    The Continuous Beam framing system economically provides large expanses of open space for manufacturing, retailing and warehousing. More...

    • Design can be center ridge, off-center or single slope.
    • Almost any width or height can be achieved and column locations can vary (along each frame and from frame to frame).
    • May be used with other systems including block, tilt-up or conventional steel.

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  • Rigid FrameRigid Frame
    Rigid Frame system can be designed to provide economical clearspans from 30' to over 300'. This system provides expanses of open space for hangars, manufacturing or recreational facilities. More...

    • Design can be center ridge, off-Center or single slope.
    • Unsurpassed flexibility in interior space utilization.
    • Fast construction.

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  • Truss Beam FrameTruss Beam Frame
    Truss Beam can be built to any total width with individual spans exceeding 120 feet. This system provides expanses of open space for aircraft hangars, manufacturing or recreational facilities. More...

    • Truss Beam frames allow HVAC ducts, wiring, sprinkler systems and lighting to be incorporated into the trusses.
    • Truss Beam frames provide column-free interiors up to 120' or more.
    • Can be designed with straight or tapered columns and with straight or pitched bottom rafters.

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  • Widebay Trussed Purlin FrameWidebay Trussed Purlin Frame
    WideBay Trussed Purlins, while stronger than traditional bar joist, features 16% less weight per foot. VP has taken out the weight and left in the performance. More...

    • Can be used with either solid or open-web framing.
    • Roofing options include standing seam metal roof panels or EPDM with VP's Deck•Frame system.
    • WideBay's erectability helps reduce construction costs while providing a quality finished building
    • Easily spans up to 60' for “column free” open space design floor plans.

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